Many people today are working not because of the passion they have for the job but because the job pays them enough to secure their day to day financing.

A career is described as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. On the other hand a job is described as going to work just to earn a pay check and there are people with good jobs which they are not turning into careers for mere lack of will.

In this economy it seems easy enough to get a job than a career because one has no room to be picky. Many may say, “At least I have a job in this economy,” however remarkable this may sound, it is risky for you as an individual just as it is risky for the employer.

Careers are about building on experience and advancing your job skills and knowledge which means if you are at a job, your skills will not advance and the business you are working for will also suffer in the process.

As you see, while one can work very hard at a job and even be paid well at the job, a career takes much more motivation and forward thinking than a job. This then shows that you should be more concerned about your career than your job.

Most people who have careers enjoy what they do, they want more than just a pay check; they want relevance, to make a difference in other people’s lives as much as their own. For some people all they need is a job and are not prepared for commitment that having a career requires and they are content with toiling for a salary which is fine.

If your employment situation is more of a job than a career and you want to get more out of your day job then don’t worry you can still be redeemed. Here is what you need to do, set your career goals, invest in learning and improving your skills, going back to school, networking, watching training videos among others.

Do not shy away from applying for better opportunities that arise from within your workplace or external.  Once you cultivate a culture of excellence by doing the things that career men and women do, I can confidently say congratulations.   You are now on your career path.  They say that, “If you find a job that you love you will never work a day a in your life” 

By Perpetua Chikololere


Well said!,on your job you fulfil minimum requirements but when it is a career you put maximum effort to produce more than is required Theophylus Mwamuka 21 November 2017
An employee who works for money is different from an employee who loves the job, As an HR who is working not in his department i feel it. Remuneration isnt the only motivating tool thus an employee has to like his job and its environment for him or her to perform effectively without mistakes and he will love coming to work even during weekends since he/she will be enjoying the job he/she has.

Sabastian Chigwida21 November 2017
Thank you very very Valerie21 November 2017
Great article & informative too!
However, i do think that people can still grow & gain from their 'jobs'. It's not always risky for you & your employer.

'Jobs' teach a lot of discipline, good work ethic etc which is what a lot of our young entrepreneurs are missing. We don't have the patience to stick through a bad season, we always venture into other things. But most of the successful business enterprises have stood the test of time - through good & bad seasons.
Kimberley21 November 2017
Well nice article and i subscribe to what you are saying there. To add to that i feel our educational system produces job seekers rather than molding us for our careers, Secondly Societal Notions also shape us into taking certain jobs and at the end of the day we get stuck in those jobs. So going forward i think our education system and societies have to change so as to create an environment that enables one to follow their careers and not look for a job, but we can not put this is other people's hands the onus is on us John Nyanhete22 November 2017
Its true. Thank you memo12 January 2018

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