Meet Brian Kativu a talented young artist from Harare. We asked Brian to tell us a little about himself and his craft & here is what he had to say:

Who is Brian Kativu?

I'm a 25-year-old self-taught pencil artist born and brought up in Harare, the oldest child in a family of two and a holder of a Safety, Health and Environmental Management Honours Degree from Bindura University of Science Education.

How did you get into Art & Drawing?

I've always had an affinity for pencils and drawing for as long as I can remember. Rather than be taught to draw, art has always been a part of me. My drawings as a child were slightly more detailed than what most kids my age would produce, but I never took it seriously until 2014 when I drew my first realistic portrait of my dad, which he loves. Come to think of it, my parents might have been more interested in my artistic talent than I myself was!

Since then (2014), I have been developing my skill, trying out different drawing media such as paint, markers, ink and watercolours among others. I've realised however, that I'm quite partial to the traditional pencil (graphite and coloured) since it gives me a certain degree of realism that I can't quite get with other media. I'm still learning though, and feel I have not reached my full potential yet.

What is your Current Profession?

I studied Safety, Health and Environmental Management at University for which I graduated last year. So I'm an Environmental Scientist by profession. I'm currently unemployed, however, so I've had a lot of time on my hands to work on my craft. When I was in University, I would only be able to do so in-between semesters.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Professionally, I see myself as a prominent member of Zimbabwe's SHEQ community, representing an equally established and reputable organisation. On the art side of things, I will still be working on my craft and in 5 years time, my drawings will surely be reflective of the work I'm putting into my 10 000 hours.

Those interested in commissioning Brian for a portrait can contact him on +263773000457 (Call/WhatsApp), or email: Portrait drawings start from $75 for an 11x14 inch.

You can see more on Brian's work on his Instagram page: @thedrawingscientist

Are you an up & coming creative looking to have your work seen by a wider audience? Then email us on & if you are a registered Elevate member, you could be featured next!


You doin great for yourself talent,i have noticed you are a holder of a degree which is far way different from wat u cann peform,i am impressed by the way you have put your talent into action this could be a right stepping stone for you..keep it up bro. innocentsindika12 July 2017
Wow! Your drawings are excellent Brian! Real talent. Missy12 July 2017
This is some really great stuff my brother. You are way ahead of the game sir. Keep it up, Brian. Robert Chapata 13 July 2017
Beautiful work I'm inspired and elevated Ray Unganayi 13 July 2017
Well done Brian! This is really cool stuff! Alvin13 July 2017
This is beautifully beautiful keep up the art works brother Arno 14 July 2017
Great pencil work man I love your work Kudzai Chairuka14 July 2017
Mad skills Brian Kevin Mpofu14 July 2017
That's great staff bro. Keep it up Blessing Kuwana 14 July 2017
amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing? that a pencil??wow,i wouldnt even draw a stickman with a pencil haha ...he is talented gerald collen gumbo15 July 2017
Awesome drawing s there. , Keep​ it up!
Rethabile Tlou9 August 2017
Good wrk shaa, kip up e standard n aim higher n higher Yeukai Nomatemba Mbangani10 August 2017
Ohh woow, ohh my that glass portrait my goodness you're extraordinarily gifted bro keep at it this will definitely ELEVATE you to a different level. All the best Brian Blessing Rudaviro Makamure20 September 2017
Talent backed up with a good education, outstanding. Craig Ndlovu11 January 2018

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