Meet Keith Ndlovu a 22-year-old medical student and artist from Hwange.  Keith went to Falcon College for his secondary school then later studied Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology at A Level. In 2015, he was awarded Econet’s Joshua Nkomo Scholarship and is currently doing his 3rd  year in Medicine at the University of Zimbabwe. Keith is also the National Director on Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Zimbabwe Medical Students Association and also coordinated the IMUNZI Project, amongst other responsibilities.

As an artist, he is a self-taught pencil artist who focuses on Photorealistic Art. He mainly works with charcoal and sometimes graphite portraits on paper, and looking to venture into painting, wildlife and anatomical art because of his interest in science and medicine.

Keith says to have started drawing as a way of coping with stress in medical school. As his skills improved, he turned it into a source of income by drawing commission art pieces. Most of his drawing are done late at night after lecturers and studying.

In the near future, Keith hopes to start an art business whilst pursuing his degree. In 5-10 years, he plans to be a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, a professional artist and a businessman.


For more please contact Keith Ndlovu on

Instagram: zimbabwean_da_vinci

Facebook: Keith Ndlovu

Twitter: @keithndlovu1



Commission pieces (framed)

A3 (42x30 cm) at $80

A2 (60x42 cm) at $140


I'm really inspired! Keep the fire burning Keith. Thank you Elevate! Zimbabwe has got more intelligent and talented smart people Julius 10 January 2018
This is splendid !! Herbert Chitongo10 January 2018
You surely are talented young man, extremely talented i should say and with such intelligence you are truly gifted. A born leader embarking on many things and doing so outstandingly well at all, who knows your limits. Keep it up, keep focused and keep inspiring the young people. you are destined for greatness. Craig Ndlovu11 January 2018
Nice artwork Keith,keep it up bro.Your drawings are inspirational fam Junior Gwisai Siziba13 January 2018
In short, wakanyanya
tonderai13 February 2018
thank God for the talent you have, some people are still trying to figure it out. :) miyelani 20 February 2018

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