Meet Liberty Shuro, the trending Elevate picture artist doing great things in the art industry.


Liberty became popular after his #TukuTribute picture art of Zimbabwe's iconic musician Dr Oliver Samanyanga Mtukudzi went viral on social media.


Liberty Shuro is a 23 year old self-taught artist, born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. He fell in love with art since he was a child and he was very passionate about it. Now he has been working as a fulltime professional artist since 2015 and he has done several exhibitions in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Tanzania, with all his work spread across the globe.


Following the death of Dr Oliver Samanyanga Mtukudzie, we got hold of Liberty to share the story behind his trending art piece of the iconic National Hero. This is what he had to say...

"A picture "drawing" is a poem without words. Dr Oliver Mtukudzi’s music touched hearts of people, music unlocks my creativity and I always listened to his music so I created the artwork to “immortalise icon Dr Oliver Mtukudzi as he shall forever be remembered."


Get intouch with Liberty for a personalised picture drawings on


Facebook Personal: (artist)

Facebook Page Bus (Liberty Shuro Wildlife Artist)

Instagram: @libertyshuroart

Twitter: @libertyshuroart


Mobile: +263778090699


We continue to say may Dr Tuku's Soul Rest in Peace and to the Tuku family, may your hearts be comforted in these trying times. 


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