Look around you, look within you, no need to look too far because we are everywhere we are the runners. We are running from or towards something and like any runner, hard work, discipline and a little motivation will get us there.

I grew up trying to be different from my father, I wanted a different career, made different choices and decided to watch the world from a different point. In a way I was running from him, but the more l ran the more I moved towards some of his traits. I guess you cannot control genes, can you? I know a lot people who are running from something major in their lives maybe their fathers like me, or others who are running from bad relationships, past mistakes, careers, poverty you name it. Whatever track you are finding yourself running on, the bottom line is you are running. Now the issue I have with running from something is the flight mode you engage in. Running from something usually has a lot of fear involved.

Do not make major decisions in your life when you are running and worse of all when you are in flight mode. You will be so disappointed when you reach your destiny and find the darkness waiting for you.  Be careful you might find the one thing you are running from staring in your face at the top of the mountain. I know people who ran from a partner who was abusive, into the arms of another monster simply because he looked different, smelled different or because he talked different. Folks are running from their jobs with no plan or direction just because they are tired or because they do not like their boss and they find themselves in a worse position when all their anxiety has gone. Running from life issues uses an incredible amount of energy that runs like fuel but finishes suddenly at the sight of comfort or safety. You will not be able to run back home, you will be out of breath, your muscles will be screaming of pain and if you are unfortunate you will be lost. Continue to look around you, there are people who are running on this energy doing so well in life, on top of their game but there is no happiness ever after.

Make a decision today to run towards something. When you make such a decision, you will be conscious of your lane and are able to keep it. You will have a clear marked goal and you will be aware of the obstacles ahead and who you are running with. You will notice those cheering at you and those that are not. Running towards something means you have prepared for the run and you are fit for whatever they throw at you. You will not over run yourself into injury. You are the one chasing and not the other way. Running towards something helps you to pick your career path well and to run past opportunities that look good but are not meant for you. You will be able to look past crippling trinkets and focus on the bigger goal. It may even mean losing a few races as long as you are running with the best in the game because they will make you a better athlete. You will be able to identify in detail the man or woman you want. You are clear on their character, personality and how they should fit with your own unique qualities. You will not to settle for less, because you can clearly match the tempo of your heartbeats. You will realise they have always been right there calling but the fog of fear and flight was blocking your senses and you could not recognise what was meant to be yours.

Have a good personal reason for pursuing something, strive to be the best version of yourself. Have a personal agenda that is true and doable, no matter how big it may look. The life race should not be about pleasing others, but should be about establishing meaning in every little thing that we set out to do.

Ask yourself now, are you running from something or towards something? If something is chasing you, find a way to shake it off and start pursuing something you’re passionate about. Be on the right side of the track and run towards victory.

If you have questions or contributions please comment below, I will be delighted to hear your thoughts. I hope you find value in this piece.


Written By: Collin Zvenhamo


Wow,this is one piece of advice you never get to hear on a daily basis.Thank you so much for such an amazing life changing piece of article.My suggestion is you should write more of this type of article,it'll change people's lives.
And if I may ask, how can I post my own article on this blog too.I'm a writer
junior siziba25 October 2017
Mwaaaah Allen26 October 2017
This is good. What a wow. Vongai27 October 2017
Thank you, it's a very insightful piece. I liked the part which stated that it's not just a matter of running but running towards something. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. MARGARET TAFADZWA CHABATA31 October 2017
we are great, not because of what we have become, but because it is who we are.

I love the running metaphor, and to add to that, One should run his or her own race, you might be a poor starter, or a quick tire, but at your own pace, you can mantain the greatness that you are, and be whatever you want to become. Run towards your goal, not from your past, or against your mates and peers, they have their own demons they are dealing with, deal with yours your way.
Masimba Munangu31 October 2017
its a great piece of advice... Tinashe Elington Chingupete31 October 2017
You just gave me a whole new perspective on how i set and approach my goals in life, to be who i want to be instead of simply not being who i do not want to be. Charumbira Paul8 November 2017
this piece has made me realise i am running away from my past and pursuing my parents dreams in fear.Thank you for giving insight to a whole lot of people like me and giving encouragement on shaking it off.. tendaie9 November 2017
It is important to pursue something you really like because many are fooled by financial rewards whilst they don't enjoy what they are doing. Any decision you make now influence your future and have impact to your health. Tatenda Gwenhamo10 November 2017
True true true Ali Graboski10 November 2017
powerful.............! titus18 December 2017

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