verb: elevate; 3rd person present: elevates; past tense: elevated; past participle: elevated; gerund or present participle: elevating
raise or lift (something) to a higher position.
"the exercise will naturally elevate your chest and head"
synonyms: raise, lift (up), raise up/aloft, buoy up, upraise, bear aloft;
hoist, hike up, haul up, heft up, boost

2.  Raise to a more important or impressive level.

What an awesome time to be young, alive and gifted. There is a lot of chatter about what Elevate is all about. I really believe that the proper response lies in each and every one of us young folk. Our past has brought us to this moment. We wield the power to change our future and be intentional with our actions in order be the best versions of ourselves. In most of us, exist a desire to be discovered, employed, selected, empowered, lifted, raised, and elevated. Our environment has wrung us, opening us up to unexplored levels. The fact is, we are finding ourselves on different paths of self-discovery. Each of us has a story waiting to be written, sung, painted, acted, celebrated, told, lived and shared. We have survived untold hardships and we have apparent scars from those battles tattooed on our very bodies and engraved in our minds. We are gladiators, heroes to our friends, families and even the nation because we show up and we represent. Our experiences, shortcomings and successes have produced masterpieces the world has never seen. We are special, unique and are more than ready to take on whatever is thrown at us. We are hustlers who do not take NO for an answer.

Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. ~ 1 Timothy 4: 12

This was advice to Timothy from his mentor Apostle Paul. Elevate in my view is all about you. It’s about movement, growth, opportunity and disruption. It’s about discovery, dreams coming to life, goal achievement, mind-set shift and a refreshed view to life. Elevate is a rebellion against rejection, negativity, discrimination and inequality. It’s about standing up & out, speaking up & out it’s all about expression. Elevate is physical as much as it is mental. It’s spiritual, financial, entrepreneurial and empowering.

Who are you, what do you do, what do you want, what have you been dreaming about, where are you going, what can you do, what is your passion?

Join the movement and rise to more important or impressive level.

Article by: Collin Zvenhamo


as much as we want caps t-shirts, headsets and or free gifts....elevate speaks to me in more than physical way. I just some how feel the vibe in me. I feel the urge to rebel against rejection, negativity and discrimination of youths in my society...Thank you team elevate. maphosa blessed19 July 2017
Well written article. Brian Kativu19 July 2017
I'm enlightened thank you. Its time to separate wheat from chaff #Elevate Makanaka 22 July 2017
Wow! Very profound and thoughtful indeed. This piece is both educative and full of insight. Robert Chapata 23 July 2017
Thank you for this piece, I already feel elevated!! Tinashe Madzivanyika11 September 2017
Well written article,thankyu for this piece , I feel elevated blessing tatenda13 September 2017
Well written article,thankyu for this piece , I feel elevated blessing tatenda13 September 2017
Useful material indeed. Bob Taruvinga16 September 2017
Wisdom is more valuable than precious stones. thumps up team ELEVATE Kudakwashe Kamupengera22 September 2017
I'm elevated both Physically and Spiritually because #Elevate is also quoting scripturea from the one which shows that it is a program with good visionaries who have clears visions. I love it, can't even wait to get an opportunity to explore my ideas as a youth. Let nobody despise your youthfulness Faria22 September 2017
Elevated Maximillan9 October 2017
elevate Zimbawe, elevate Africa, elevate the world, because we are the future of the world#youth are the tomorrow#ELEVATE Masimba Munangu31 October 2017

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