1. Virtual Call Centre (VCC) opportunity is available to all registered members of Elevate youth club above the age of 18 years.
  2. Elevate customers will be able to earn points through recharges. Points will be earned for recharges of at least $1, with $1 giving 100 points. Recharges have to be in multiples of $1 For example, find the table below:
  3. Elevate customers will have 3 types of points (1. Registration Points, 2. Elevate a Friend Points and 3. Recharge Point). All these 3 types of points will be redeemable for Elevate Virtual Call Centre applications.
  4. Application for VCC will be open to Elevate members from the 5th of September 2017.
  5. Accumulation of Recharge points will also start on the 5th of September; however, other points mentioned above will still be valid.
  6. Elevate customers will be able to apply for the VCC opportunity online, through the Elevate website (www.elevateyouth.co.zw).
  7. Elevate customers can submit application; however, the Elevate team will only review the applications when customer earns a minimum of 5000 points in their Elevate account.
  8. Elevate or Econet Group reserves the right to reject any application without giving reasons and Elevate or Econet Group’s  decisions are final.
  9. After application reviews, shortlisted candidates will be asked to redeem non-refundable 5000 points in-order to access the online training program
  10. If not shortlisted, candidates will not use their points but will have unlimited chances to submit an upgraded version of their application for review
  11. After successfully redeeming points, for training candidates will go through a 3 weeks online training and assessment program.
  12. During the online assessment, candidates are given 2 chances to complete the test. If you fail twice the program stops and you are required to re-apply again.
  13. Candidates who qualify (get shortlisted, apply 5000 points for the training program, pass all the online tests, finish the 3 day induction) for VCC will be required to sign a 12 month contract that is renewable after 12 month review. However, renewal of contracts is not guaranteed
  14. Successful VCC Agents will be required to purchase VCC work tools (Core i7 Laptop, SIM card, LTE Internet Dongle, Headset & Spare Battery) upon confirmation of successful application.
  15. Candidate considered for a Steward Bank loan to cover the work-tools will be required to pay $250 deposit to receive the funding for the work tools above. Ts & Cs for Steward Bank will apply
  16. Successful VCC Agents with a loan to purchase work tools will be required to pay an agreed fixed monthly payment to Steward Bank and these monthly repayments will be deducted from commissions earned.
  17. In the event that Agents stop to participate before the contract closes, Steward Bank have the power to repossess the work tools.
  18. Successful VCC agents will be required to purchase a monthly VCC data bundle usable on Econet Customer Care systems and web portals exclusively.
  19. Successful VCC Agents will initially commence the program with Outbound calls and the work will be assigned by Elevate or Econet.
  20. VCC Agents will also carry out monthly assessments where they will be expected to redeem 1000 recharge points with a set pass mark decided by Elevate or Econet Group
  21. VCC Agents will also be rated at the end of each call with a survey and if rated low for 4 consecutive times, the agents will be asked to take re-assessment courses and tests. Agents are expected score a minimum of 80% for each rating they go through. Anything below 80% is regarded as a low rating.
  22. Elevate will have the power to terminate or re-assign VCC Agents who fail these monthly assessments and who might also have a continued low ratings from customers
  23. VCC Agents will also be assessed for In-bound training after a 3 month review of carrying out Out-bound calls.
  24. Successful VCC Agents will be required to pay for Out-bound VCC training through redemption of Elevate points of again 5000.
  25. VCC Agents will be remunerated using a commission based model at an agreed rate which will be communicated to successful applicants.
  26. The processes for remuneration will be communicated to successful candidate and Elevate and Econet reserves the right to change this process at any given time.
  27. Commission shall only accrue for calls that satisfy the quality score of 100% based on the post call survey
  28. The agreed value on commission will be paid out through EcoCash or Steward Bank account.
  29. VCC Agents will work as Independent Contractors and not as Econet Group or Elevate Employees.
  30. All Elevate customers that apply for the Virtual Call Centre opportunity are bound by the terms and conditions contained herein as well as the terms and conditions of Econet service provision, and/or amended herein from time to time.

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